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12-ton and 20-ton class excavators for civil construction use have been released for marketing in China

Following the 6-ton class excavator, these are to expand the product line-up for self-employed charter operators

Tokyo, Japan November 30, 2020 —- Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (TSE: 6305; “Hitachi Construction Machinery”) today announced that Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary in the People’s Republic of China (“China”), will start marketing of the 12-ton class excavator for civil construction use ZX120-5A (standard bucket capacity 0.52 m3, operating weight 11.5 t) and the 20-ton class excavator for civil construction use ZX195-5A (standard bucket capacity 0.91 m3, operating weight 18.9 t) for the Chinese market in December 2020. The company expects to sell 200 units of ZX120-5A and 80 units of ZX195-5A by the end of the fiscal year.

12-ton class excavator ZX120-5A for civil construction use (left) and 20-ton class excavator ZX195-5A (right)

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group expanded the product line-up for self-employed charter operators by adding the 12-ton and 20-ton class excavators to the 6-ton class excavator, which was released for marketing in October, and are resolved to further meet a wide range of market needs.

ZX120-5A is a small-size excavator for urban development, agricultural land improvement, works at ports and harbors and other light-duty civil construction works. ZX195-5A is a medium-size excavator designed for social infrastructure building works such as loading of materials at construction sites, general road construction and laying of water and sewage pipes as well as the types of works afore-mentioned for ZX120-5A. These excavators were designed by focusing on the functions necessary for civil construction applications while maintaining the reputed operability and fuel efficiency. They also realized high cost performance.

In addition, the ZX120-5A and ZX195-5A are equipped with “ConSite®,” the system for monitoring customers’ machines by utilizing ICT, which contributes to stable operation of the machines at work sites and reduction of their total life cycle costs.

These days in China, demands for infrastructure improvements such as urban development, agricultural land improvement, etc., have been increasing. Also, since the number of self-employed charter operators, most of whom contract for construction works by the hour, has been increasing, it is necessary for us to have a line-up of machines to meet their needs.

Hitachi Construction Machinery have expanded a line-up of machines, which are applicable to all types of works including heavy duty applications such as demolishing and scrap handling as well as civil construction works. However, we have realized by analyzing big data of machine operations and locations obtained through Global e-Service that most small- and medium-sized excavators in China are operated in the ECO (economy) mode, which is for light duty applications. Also, most customers expressed their preference for the machines which are specialized for civil construction work functions with a high cost performance. From this, we first developed the 6-ton class excavator and have added ZX120-5A and ZX195-5A this time.

We will further develop products for self-employed charter operators and increase parts and service sales through ConSite®. Also, we will obtain operating data of the models and utilize it for new model development and sales strategy in the future. In addition, Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) newly opened three regional offices to support dealers in their nearby regions in an effort to further strengthen our group’s sales and service systems.

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group will continue to develop products which better meet customer needs by promptly responding to ever-changing market needs in China and other countries and regions with joint efforts of Hitachi Construction Machinery and other regional companies.

Main features of ZX120-5A and ZX195-5A

Item ZX120-5A
Bucket capacity (m3 0.52 0.91
Dimensions in transport condition Length overall(mm) 7,340 9,050
Width overall (mm) 2,490 2,800
Height overall (mm) 2,870 3,100
Rear-end swing radius (mm) 2,190 2,550
Operating weight (kg) 11,500 18,900
Engine output power (kW) 69 79


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