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ZX200‒5G Awarded Gold Medal for Market Performance at China Construction Machinery TOP 50 Awards (Hitachi Construction Machinery Shanghai)

The 2014 China Construction Machinery TOP 50 Awards was held on February 28. The ZX200‒5G was selected as one of the TOP 50 and also given the gold medal for market performance.

This awards ceremony, sponsored by the China Construction Machinery Association, has been held annually since 2006. Evaluations are conducted of various criteria, such as technological creativity, market evaluation, and customer satisfaction, and the TOP 50 construction machines are selected for that year. A comprehensive evaluation is carried out, whereby the members of the screening committee are selected from within the industry, and the general publics are asked to cast their votes via the Internet. This is most prestigious award in China’s construction machinery industry. This year the ZX200‒5G was selected for its high level of market appeal as it is strong and performance, and also for its high sales record.

The awards ceremony was held on March 19. Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) Products Support Headquarters, attened the ceremony representing the company.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) aims to actively contribute to China’s construction machinery industry by continuing to provide innovations to the customers and leveraging the Kenkijin spirit’s 3Cs (Challenge, Customer, and Communication).


– List of awards won at the China Construction Machinery TOP 50 awards

Year Model Award
2014 ZX200‒5G TOP 50 Gold medal for market performance
2013 ZX130H foresetry machinery TOP50
2011 ZX260LCH‒3G TOP50
2010 ZX200‒3G TOP 50 Gold medal for creative technology
2009 ZX360LCK‒3 high lift TOP 50 Gold medal for applicable contribution
2007 ZX60 TOP50
2006 ZX200‒3 TOP50

General Manager Wang making a speech at the awards ceremony

Commemorative picture taken after the awards ceremony

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