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Environmental Activities Carried out with Collaboration with Stakeholders


A major theme being undertaken by the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is the collaborative environmental activities with stakeholders. In FY2013, group companies actively engaged in flagship activities. Below we introduce two activities which have been recognized outside the company, including winning external awards. These activities have also been acknowledged within the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group.

1. Horqin Desert afforestation activities begin conducted by Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (HCS)

For the past 10 years since FY2005, HCS has worked with the Ryokka (greening) Network, an environmental non-governmental organization (NGO), and local residents to carry out afforestation activities in the Horqin Desert, which is located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. Thanks to these desert greening efforts, around 10,000 poplar tree seedlings were planted on 100,000 square meters of desert. This vegetation has revitalized the land brought back small animals, such as wild rabbits.
Starting in FY2014, we plan to embark on a new greening project.

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. Hitachi Construction Machinery carbon credit activities

Hitachi Construction Machinery has supported activities to bolster the adoption of a carbon credit system via our products to promote the prevention of global warming. Through support to customers to generate carbon credits through the use of our products and carbon offsetting activities for construction machinery products, we were able to develop a carbon credit cycle. Consequently, we amortized roughly 750 tons in emissions credits owing to the activities we carried out over the past five years.


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