Hitachi Construction Machinery


Hitachi Welfare Recycling Center Handling Disposal of Used Computers


Hitachi Welfare Recycling Center, which is operated by Nichiwa Service, Ltd., hires individuals with disabilities to work as employees. These employees are in charge of dismantling PCs and other machines, and sorting parts. These business activities aim at teaching employees to be independent and to actively participate in society through the recycling of industrial waste.

Tsuchiura Works is outsourcing work to the recycling center (to ensure a certain level of work). It recognizes this as being one of its social contribution activities. In May 2015, Tsuchiura Works commissioned the recycling of 236 PCs.

01 (9)

Picking up old PCs from Tsuchiura Works

02 (6)

Dismantling operations at the Social Welfare Recycling Center

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