Hitachi Construction Machinery


Re-use Waste as Compost (PT Hitachi Construction Machinery Indonesia (HCMI))


PT Hitachi Construction Machinery Indonesia’s factory is located on an extensive 6.7 hectare plot of land. During the rainy season, the land is covered with vegetation. Employees of the factory take care of pruning the plants. There is a huge amount of waste after the plants are trimmed.

HCMI has begun to make effective use of this pruning waste by turning it into organic fertilizer. The cut plants are mixed with water, sawdust, effective microorganisms (EM), and other ingredients. The pH levels and temperature are adjusted and controlled, turning the waste into organic fertilizer in a matter of two weeks.

The organic fertilizer is used for the bananas and mango trees growing around HCMI. In addition to being an effective use for the cut vegetation, it allows for the raising of organic fruit, the reduction of waste, and the effective use of resources.

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Cut vegetation

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Creating compost

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