Hitachi Construction Machinery


Students from Augustana College (US) Visit HCM Group


From June 1-16, 2015, six students and two teachers from Augustana College visited the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group. Augustana College is a four-year liberal arts college located in Rock Island, Illinois (US). It was founded in 1860. Today, approximately 2,500 students are enrolled at this establishment.

The students came to Japan to research a Japanese company. The students spent about two weeks visiting and interviewing employees at the head office, Technical Research Center, Kasumigaura Institute, Tsuchiura Works, Hitachinaka works, Hitachinaka-Rinko Works, and Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan, and Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra. On the final day, the students gave a presentation of their results to HCM senior executives.

The students gave presentations on HCM foreign language training and the Kenkijin spirit, HCM environmental initiatives and eco-products, and HCM globalization and HR system. The research results were all high quality.

Inviting students from overseas to visit the company was a motivating experience for HCM employees as well.

Presentation being given to students at Technical Research Center

Presentation being given to students at Kasumigaura Institute

Presentation of research results

Commemorative pictures of HCM employees and Augustana College officials

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