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Private-sector Company Training for School Teacher


A three-day training session was held from August 5th to the 7th at the request of the Bunkyo City Board of Education and the Metropolitan Foundation for Private Schools. Eleven teachers participated in the private-sector company training which was held at Hitachi Construction Machinery headquarters and other facilities.

This training offers teachers the opportunity to experience corporate activities first hand. The goal is to provide teachers with a real sense of management and cost awareness. The training also allows teachers to renew their recognition of the corporate mindset companies’ have as a member of society and the role of the organization.

In Day 1 of the training program, the teachers were given explanations of the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, and the Kenkijin spirit, which is the group’s standard of value and code of conduct. Lectures were also given on the company’s social responsibilities, including compliance and environmental initiatives. On Day 2 of the program, a tour of Tsuchiura Works and the Technical Training Center was conducted to give the teachers an idea of the importance of manufacturing and personnel training. On Day 3, the teachers were taken to the Kasumigaura Institute. There they experienced riding along on a compact excavator and trying a welding simulation. After exchanging opinions with instructors at the training center, a group discussion was held to talk about what educational institutions, including companies and schools, can do to achieve a sustainable society.

Teachers that participated in the program came away with various impressions. One teacher commented that they were able to see upfront what initiatives companies are carrying out to educate people. Meanwhile, another teacher said that they felt they had learned a lot through the training which they planned to incorporate in the private management classes at their school.

The teacher’s love of learning motivated the HCM employees that helped out in the three-day program.

The HCM Group aims to continue to contribute to society’s sustainable development through this and other activities.

Taken in front of the UH03, the first hydraulic excavator certified as a Mechanical Engineering Heritage

Training taking place at the Technical Training Center

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