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10th Manufacturing Industry Business Practice Training Program-Collaboration with the Joyo Bank Group-


On August 25, 2015, the 10th Manufacturing Industry Business Practice Training Program, sponsored by the Joyo Bank Group (Joyo Bank, Ltd. and Joyo Industrial Research, Ltd.), was held at the Kasumigaura Institute. This training program was held at the request of Joyo Bank. This is the tenth time the program was conducted.

The theme of this program was small group activities and 21 people participated from 13 small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies from inside and outside of Ibaraki Prefecture. We enlisted the cooperation of a member of the Development & Production General affairs Center in charge of small group activities who served as a lecturer at the program. The program provided guidance on how to solve problems in the workplace through small group activities, with the ultimate goal of improving the technical level of small- and medium-sized companies. The 21 participants broke off into groups and learned how to enhance organizational strength by setting goals and grasping existing trends to solve problems.

Going forward, we plan to hold training programs that utilize the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group’s knowhow.

Participants broke off into groups for drills


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