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City of Masters Event (Hitachi Construction Machinery Eurasia Manufacturing)


In Russia, there is a custom where people celebrate and pay respect to people in different vocations and industries. Machinery Day, which is a day for honoring the machinery industries, including construction machinery, is generally held on the last Sunday of September. To commemorate this custom, Hitachi Construction Machinery Eurasia Manufacturing hosted the City of Masters on September 18. The event is for all employees and aims to create solidarity among workers.

This event promoted in-house unity through games. Several teams were formed consisting of local Russian staff (plant workers and office staff) and Japanese staff. In line with the theme of the event, many local craftsmen (percussionists, weavers, potters, blacksmiths, etc.) were invited to participate in the City of Masters. Each of these craftsmen demonstrated their skills in front of employees. Each team competed to see who could emulate their craftsman’s performance the closest. The employees watched with keen interest as craftsmen from various industries demonstrated their expert skills, which are not commonly seen. The event was concluded with a barbeque which was enjoyed by all.

This was the first time the event was held. It was a great event that allowed employees to deepen their camaraderie amid a sociable atmosphere.

Weaving craftsman show off their expert skills

Employees enjoy listening to ethnic music

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