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Satoyama Forest Conservation Activities: Donguri-no-Mori (Tadakiko)


Toyotomi Donguri‒no‒Mori is an acorn forest where wild birds and seasonal wild flowers and grasses can be observed. The No. 2 plant of Tadakiko Co., Ltd. is located adjacent to this forest.

As a flagship activity for its social contributions, Tadakiko has been conducting Satoyama forest conversation activities since 2012 by participating in the annual forest conservation and development program carried out by NPO Toyotomi Donguri‒no‒Mori.

In July 2016, Tadakiko employees volunteered to participate in cutting back vegetation. Along the roadside, volunteers trimmed back branches that jutted out to maintain the clearance on the sidewalk and letting in the light. Volunteers worked under scorching sunlight. While cutting the grass, volunteers saw a cicada emerging from the ground and experienced nature in the undeveloped forest.

To protect nature and the environment, we plan to actively continue carrying out Satoyama conservation activities, which consist of enjoying and developing the forest.



Cutting back vegetation


Group picture, upon completion of activities, with a brightly lit forest in the background

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