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Environmental Preservation Activities to Reduce Waste (CablePrice)


CablePrice (NZ) Limited (CPL) is “Going Green,” which are its own initiatives for helping to preserve the environment. This article introduces the company’s waste reduction practices, which are a part of its “Going Green” activities.

CPL engages the cooperation of a waste treatment operator. The company has developed and operates a standard waste and recycling system at all of its sites. There are large and small sized recycling boxes set up at all sites. Workers separate waste, including metal, plastic, wood, paper, non-industrial waste, and oil-stained towels.

The company participates in the New Zealand government’s Recovering Oil Saves the Environment (R.O.S.E.) program. Ninety percent of the used oil CPL emits is disposed of in a manner that is in accordance with this scheme. The R.O.S.E. program is a part of a larger environmental strategy being promoted by New Zealand government to facilitate the effective use of resources. CPL recycles its spent oil with 75% being transported to asphalt manufacturers and 15% being used in an oil burner to power the company’s heating system. CPL is also going paperless, both inside and outside the company. In addition, CPL is going paperless by sending e-documents to customers and suppliers, as well as going electronic in its marketing campaigns.

CPL plans to continue to promote activities that reduce its impact on the environment.

*R.O.S.E. Programme

1704-9Recycling boxes in the office

Cardboard box collection bins


Large refuse containers for metal and other industrial waste

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