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Field Trip with Children from Hitachi Construction Machinery Xi Wang Elementary School (Hitachi Construction Machinery (China))


June the 1st is Children’s Day in China. On this day, volunteers from Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) (HCMC) took 36 children from the Hitachi Construction Machinery Xi Wang Elementary School on a field trip. It was a meaningful day spent visiting a museum and playing games.

HCMC provides support to Hitachi Construction Machinery Xi Wang Elementary School. This is one of the long-term community activities HCMC carries out in China. The school is located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, which is where HCMC is headquartered. HCMC supported the construction of the school in 2010. When HCMC visited the school in 2015 and 2016, the children all said they wanted to go on a field trip to visit places outside the school. HCMC worked with the school to plan this field trip. It was a special Children’s Day present.

The Anhui Province Geological Museum was the first stop on the trip. It was a first for most the children. The children were captivated by a number of topics, including the transformation of the continents and oceans, evolution of life forms, and the diversity of geological features. The theme for the afternoon segment of the trip was “I am a super engineer.” There was a quiz and the children took part in making construction machinery from kraft paper. The HCMC volunteers created a fun atmosphere, quizzing the children on various machines. The six winners of the quiz were given a commemorative gift by Yusuke Kajita, president of HCMC. The final part of the field trip consisted of a visit to the Anhui Province museum of famous people, where they learned about the province’s history and culture.

The one-day field trip was a good learning experience. It may even have inspired some to want to become engineers in the future. HCMC is committed to continuing to make its contribution to the development of local education.

Children gather for the field trip

Set off by bus

Commemorative photo at the Geological Museum

Lively quiz

Six quiz winners and President Kajita (back)

Making construction machinery from kraft paper

Children learn about history at the Anhui Province museum of famous people

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