Hitachi Construction Machinery


Environmental Preservation of the Chongwe stream (Hitachi Construction Machinery Zambia)


The drainage that flows from Hitachi Construction Machinery Zambia (HCMZ) passes through idle fields and eventually flows into the Chongwe stream.
The river fulfills many roles and is indispensable for protecting the life forms that live in and near the river as well as the lives of the local residents.

By implementing an environmental management system, HCMZ is exercising control so that hydrocarbons contained in oil and other liquids do not mix with drainage and flow into the stream. This is done because substances like these may adversely affect the lives of people and life forms.

Oil spill kits and oil separating systems have been installed in the plant and work areas, and employees work to ensure that hydrocarbons do not mix with drainage on a daily basis. Furthermore, we are responding to local regulations by forming an agreement with a contractor to conduct monitoring once a month by measuring and inspecting drainage into the Chongwe stream.

HCMZ is working on thorough compliance for safety, health and the environment based on Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) policies. For both the environment and livelihood of the region, we are working on preservation of the stream and pledge to release zero hydrocarbon drainage into the Chongwe stream.

Operations at the wash place

Oil separator system before drainage into the stream

Oil separator system

Sampling point for monitoring

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