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Creating Sustainable Local Environment –Water Resource Conservation– (Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery)


Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery (THCM) is committed to improving the quality of life of local communities as CSR policy. THCM strive to provide technical and specialized skills and services to make sustainable environment, and the company considers it as a social responsibility for building strong communities.

As one of the initiatives, THCM conducts lake de-silting projects with self-government and education institutes in order to address water shortage. In Dharwad where THCM plant is located, the company uses own machines and removed silts from the bottom of lake to accommodate more water.

Due to this initiative, water storage increased and it enables local people to use more water for their life. Moreover, islands were formed and it became shelter for birds, thus forming birds’ sanctuary for various birds from long distance.
THCM received appreciation letters from villagers and self-government reporting it has improved their life style.

Lake de-silting projects

Backhoe in operation

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