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Lecture at the Shiga Low-Carbon Brand Program and Presentation Meeting (Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra)


On January 29, 2018, Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra gave a lecture on its environmental activities during the presentation portion of the Shiga Low-Carbon Brand Program, hosted by Shiga Prefecture. The event was held at Collabo Shiga 21 in Otsu City.

At the event, Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra introduced the activities which won the Shiga Prefecture Low-Carbon Society Development Award to environmental officers working at companies in the prefecture. These activities aimed to reduce CO2 emissions from products and employee commuting to create a low-carbon society.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra explained that, in contrast with conventional products, CO2 emissions during product operation were reduced by improving energy-saving performance and fuel efficiency. And to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission during commuting, Tierra recommended “zero” CO2 emission commuting methods, including the use of bicycles and walking, as well as switching to high energy-efficient vehicles.

Starting from FY2018, Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra aims to become certified as a Shiga Low-Carbon Brand and to further advance its activities.

*Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra is a member of the Konan-Koka Environmental Association. Tierra also introduced its activities at this association in July 2017.

Presentation of the Hitachi Group’s Environmental Innovation 2050, which is a set of long-term environmental targets, and Tierra initiatives


Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra’s environmental officer giving a presentation

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