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Experiencing Science and Technology with the Students of Hitachi Construction Machinery Songgang Xi Wang Elementary School (Hitachi Construction Machinery (China))


On June 22nd, Hitachi Construction Machinery (China) (HCMC) partnered with the Hefei City Youth Development Foundation to visit the Hefei Science & Technology Museum together with students attending Hitachi Construction Machinery Songgang Xi Wang Elementary School.

HCMC provides support to Hitachi Construction Machinery Xi Wang Elementary School. This is one of the long-term community activities HCMC carries out in China. The school is located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, which is where HCMC is headquartered. HCMC supported the construction of the school in 2010. This visit was organized under the theme “getting closer to science and paving the way for the future” based on the voices of students who wanted to experience science and technology.

A total of 42 students from the fourth to sixth grades took part in the visit. In the morning, the group toured each exhibit inside the science museum including on dynamics, mathematics, machinery, the human body, climate change and energy conservation, and information technology, experiencing science and technology first hand. In the afternoon, students were split up into eight groups for hands-on learning under the theme, “I’m a super designer.” Each group thought up new hydraulic excavator designs, which were made into actual works using a 3D printer.

Through this visit and hands-on learning, HCMC hopes a seed of hope will be planted in the students’ hearts that one day will become a beautiful flower. Going forward, HCMC will continue to support the growth of children for the development of community education in Hefei City.

Commemorative photo in front of the science museum’s electric vehicle

Exhibit for experiencing different temperatures

Space experience

Touring the 3D printer work area

Hands-on learning in groups

Thinking up new ideas together

Works designed by the students

Students presenting their thoughts on the hands-on learning experience

The winning group (receiving a certificate)

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