Hitachi Construction Machinery


Awarded the 2018 3Rs Promotion Council President’s Prize

At the awards ceremony held in Tokyo on October 30th
(Hitachi Construction Machinery representative is in the center)

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group was awarded the 2018 3Rs Promotion Council President’s Prize for its “Construction Machinery Parts Reuse and Remanufacturing Business Aimed At Realizing A Recycling-Oriented Society”.

This commendation system is intended to publicly acknowledge remarkable achievements and forward-thinking initiatives that reduce, reuse and recycle waste to benefit the environment.

The parts reuse and remanufacturing business, which won the award, is a recycling project that encourages reuse. First used parts are collected during machine repairs or periodic replacements. These parts are then used to build units in our factory, and supplied to customers with the same warranty as new parts.

Thanks to technology that allows us to reuse various product units instead of throwing them away, we have greatly reduced the scrap we generate. This effectively eliminates about 2,900 tons of waste each year.

We began this project 20 years ago, and it is now being carried out in Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Australia, The Netherlands, Zambia and the USA. We aim to contribute to resource-recycling worldwide.


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