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Paediatric healthcare (Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia)


Humpty Dumpty Foundation provides a way for hospitals to submit requests for much needed medical equipment for paediatric units, so that the public can purchase and donate. Since 2012, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) has been purchasing pieces of equipment via Humpty Dumpty Foundation to deliver to hospitals in our branch areas where our employees and their families can benefit.

On November 2018, HCA made a corporate donation of two pieces of medical equipment for two hospitals in Australia (Bankstown Hospital and Tamworth Hospital). Both locations received one phototherapy system each, and our employees in the local areas of these hospitals visit the ward for an official handover and meet with hospital staff that takes them on a tour of the facility so that they gain an understanding of how beneficial to so many lives the donation will be.

The donations to the hospitals were $9,680 AUD each, which will be used to aid hundreds of newborn babies throughout the year.

HCA will continue to support the Humpty Dumpty Foundation with continued donations throughout the year (approximately one donation per month).

Humpty Dumpty Foundation donation visit – represented by Cathy Biddlecombe (left) and Marian Hurmiz (second from the left) from our Human Resources Department (This photo is from a different hospital which HCA made a corporate donation a few months ago. The medical equipment was installed in November.)

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