Hitachi Construction Machinery


Representative Director
Mr. Kenichi Iida


Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Our life work as being involved in manufacturing, to ever increase productivity and enhance quality.
Even now, as ICT and IoT evolves, our work theme will ever continue uninterrupted.
Broader human resources will be created through increasing our technical abilities and ensuring steady profits. As better products are built, further profits increase allowing for higher wages. As a result, a higher level of human resources are created, allowing for even better products to be built.
The company places a heavy focus on education and development of new employees. Superiors should observe all newcomers, then involve and help guide and teach them. With a wide target age range from nursery schools to specialized students, it is our hope to be industry leaders helping instruct cutting-edge construction techniques along with regular site visits as well as working in ICT areas. Information Construction work is symbolized by i-Construction is an attractive element that can help compensate for the current talent shortage and at the same time retrofit higher technical strength capabilities.

Invisible drilling work at depths of 20cm are also machine control functions for higher precision construction

Prior to i-Construction, what is the reason why a company that built know-how on information construction work from its early stages chose the ICT hydraulic excavator ZX 200X-5B?

“Firstly, I wanted to try out the performance of the ICT hydraulic excavator built by Hitachi Construction Machinery. Its performance was excellent. The site was susceptible to rainfall due to it being a riverbed, and therefore water tended to accumulate here and there. And because we had to work in deep mud, the operator was able to see the cutting edge of the bucket to excavate to the target depth.

Although we used a draining pump, it could not keep up with the rising water level, and in places, the water was close to 20cm deep. But, through setting the excavation depth based on the 3D design and construction data, the machine control function of the ZX200X-5B will control the cutting edge of the bucket to a certain depth without over digging. It is much safer as the operator can also control the work using the monitor.” (JOYO CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING, Mr. Shinamura, Manager, Construction Division.)

In conventional construction methods, after the excavation is completed, another worker had to hold measuring instruments and get into the water to check that the operation was carried out correctly. “That would be quite a physical strain on the body. Even at a 1m or 2m pitch, manual measurements can be troublesome as the return pitch can sometimes not be measured correctly. But the information obtainable through the ZX200X-5B applied to the operation means that the dig is controlled according to the design rendering the extra worker required to check the work is no longer needed. And on top of this, the work is more accurate and delivers a much higher quality. Using this process, work productivity has increased by about 20%” (Mr. Shinamura)

Information construction that compensates for labor shortage in the construction field and leads to higher productivity improvements and quality assurance.
Mr. Shinamura predicts, “It will take about another fifteen years until the site of the civil engineering is replaced by ICT based construction machines.” However, on the other hand, Mr. Shinamura says, “As optimum construction methods and equipment change according to how the ICT evolves; I always want to get the latest information.”
A company with ample experience, know-how, and an abundance of information. After the interview, another ZX 200X-5B was rented to the site.

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