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Protecting Intellectual Properties

Policies on intellectual property activities

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group places importance on intellectual property activities carried out in its business operations. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group Codes of Conduct (Chapter 6, Protection of Intellectual Property and Brand) outlines basic policies for protecting own intellectual properties and respecting the intellectual properties of others. We are carrying out our intellectual property activities based on these policies.

Our intellectual property activities focus on three key measures: strengthening of global intellectual properties, respect for intellectual property rights, and business contribution by the intellectual property.

arw_r Hitachi Construction Machinery Group Codes of Conduct

System for intellectual property activities

Intellectual property activities are mainly conducted by the Intellectual Property Department. The research and development divisions and operating divisions work with the Intellectual Property Division to formulate and execute strategies.
In addition, the division shares these strategies with Hitachi Construction Machinery Group companies while promoting intellectual property activities.

Strengthening global intellectual properties

Hitachi Construction Machinery Group has strengthened its value chain business. Also, it is important to build a global patent network with the high ratio of overseas sales. In and after FY2011, Hitachi Construction Machinery’s overseas patent application ratio exceeded 30%. In the future, we will strengthen the patent application of value chain related technologies and establish global top class intellectual properties.

Respect for intellectual properties

At the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, we respect the intellectual properties of other parties. To prevent the infringement of intellectual property rights owned by other parties in the research, development, and design of new products and technologies, we conduct a preemptive survey of intellectual property rights belonging to other parties.

Intellectual properties training

We implement intellectual properties training for group employees for the purpose of actively developing intellectual properties, properly protecting intellectual property rights, and to ensure the intellectual property rights of other parties is respected. We review and make necessary revises to the training content to reflect revisions to laws.

We recognize that a different set of knowledge is required depending on the employee’s position and scope of responsibilities. We are pouring energies into rank-specific training. We are implementing different types of training, including a beginners course for younger employees, and a patent leader course for mid-level employees.

In FY2022 and beyond, we plan to continue to conduct intellectual property training while reviewing the content of this training.

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