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Stable Employment

Basic policies on human resources

Hitachi Construction Machinery aims to optimize the capabilities of each employee and contribute the growth of the company overall by combining these capabilities. This is based on the company’s action guidelines—Set goals to challenge (foster affinity), combine ideas and gumption, and train and utilize human resources.

Employment and hiring focuses heavily on securing human resources that will implement the 3C’s of the Kenkijin spirit*. Based on these action guidelines and the Kenkijin spirit, we are looking for people who have a strong spirit, are independent, enthusiastic, positive, and considerate, and will continue to move forward in the frontlines, staying ahead of changes in society and the world.

We are working to create a comfortable workplace in accordance with the policies of the Hitachi Group to stably secure human resources and long-term employment. This includes initiatives to achieve work-life management, which seeks to create harmony between work and private life, and an extensive human resources compensation system.

Employee regulations specifically outline rules including adequate work hours, time off, overtime, legal holidays and vacations. We operate a system to manage working hours to remain in compliance with these regulations. There are also comprehensive initiatives in place to manage the health of our employees. Efforts are being made to prevent overwork (in general working late-night hours are prohibited) and alleviate overtime.

In addition, we are actively engaging in diversity management to diversify our personnel and gain access to various capabilities and competencies. Going forward, in line with our medium and long-term business plan, we plan to secure essential personnel and implement training that will quickly equip personnel with necessary expertise. In addition, we are promoting work style reforms to more efficiently create added value. We aim to create a work environment where all of our employees have purpose and can optimally leverage their skills.

*3C’s of the Kenkijin spirit: Challenge, Customer, and Communication

Respecting the Rights of Employees

The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group Codes of Conduct were approved to specify the standards of behavior applicable throughout the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group.
In Japan, where labor unions are recognized, for example, we espouse the three fundamental rights of labor unions (to organize, to bargain collectively, and to act collectively) as seen in the collective agreement between the CEO of Hitachi Construction Machinery, Ltd. and the representative of the Hitachi Construction Machinery Workers Union.

Labor-management dialogue

Hitachi Construction Machinery places importance on dialogue between labor and management. Various labor-management committees, including the Executive Council, meet regularly, and when necessary, opinions are exchanged with the labor union.

In FY 2020, various labor-management committees were held to discuss smooth management and business development, and measures to improve working conditions for union members (4,089* employees for Hitachi Construction Machinery non-consolidated basis, the percentage of union members to permanent employees is 82.2 %).

Going forward, Hitachi Construction Machinery aims to achieve its management goals and undertake solutions to its issues by developing mutual understanding through dialogue between labor and management.

 * As of March 2021, excluding workers on loan from Hitachi Construction Machinery to other companies

Personnel data

Number of employees by age

Total Male Female
Under 30 1,118 1,061 57
30~39 1,794 1,689 105
40~49 1,488 1,358 130
50~59 885 820 65
60 and above 170 166 4
Total 5,455 5,094 361

As of March 2021, Hitachi Construction Machinery (non-consolidated basis)

Appointments of officers and employees

Total Male Female
Management 771 754 17
General manager and above 219 217 2
Officer (including executive officer and independent outside director) 24 22 2
Executive officer 18 18 0

As of March 2021, Hitachi Construction Machinery (non-consolidated basis)

Hires of new graduates

Total University graduates (Male) University graduates (Female) Junior college and/or vocational school graduates (Male) Junior college and/or vocational school graduates (Female) High school graduates and others (Male) High school graduates and others (Female)
April 2018 68 36 3 4 0 24 1
April 2019 118 51 13 3 0 42 9
April 2020 100 53 3 5 0 34 5
April 2021 110 55 8 4 1 36 6

Hitachi Construction Machinery (non-consolidated basis)

Mid-career employment

Total College (Male) College (Female) Other (Male) Other (Female)
April 2017 – March 2018 10 10 0 0 0
April 2018 – March 2019 27 17 5 4 1
April 2019 – March 2020 66 48 12 6 0
April 2020 – March 2021 29 26 3 0 0

Hitachi Construction Machinery (non-consolidated basis)


Total Male Female
April 2018 – March 2019 88 76 12
April 2019 – March 2020 73 67 6
April 2020 – March 2021 61 55 6

Hitachi Construction Machinery (non-consolidated basis) (Only permanent employees, excluding mandatory retirement)

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