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We further back up stable operation with support services that make full use of IoT technology,
and offer more efficient operation by eliminating time loss where possible.

Building remote services that
continue to
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based on global needs

Issues of personnel shortages are becoming more serious at many sites, with remote services being an indispensable technology for improving work efficiency. Based on our experience in the field and much of the feedback we receive, we took about 3 years from the concept to develop ConSite Air. We have placed a great focus on the ease of use from the user's perspective, and have carefully considered business processes and system flow requirements. We were able to release the product after repeated adjustments with other departments. We will continue to utilize ICT/IoT technology to create services that help to make more in-depth proposals for greater efficiency in machine management and operation.


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*This is the name of the affiliation at the time of development.

*This is the name of the affiliation at the time of development.

ConSite Air

This significantly reduces the time required for software updates, from failure diagnosis to repairs. Reducing downtime with remote support.

Remote Failure Diagnosis

When a fault in a machine is detected, detailed notes on the state of the machine is remotely diagnosed.
Repair and down times can be significantly reduced as more specific failure locations and content can be more easily determined, allowing greater preparation before dispatching any required service.
In addition, depending on the content of the diagnosis, it is also possible for the customer to handle repairs by themselves, allowing more efficient machine management.



*The above content is an example, and the time required will vary depending on the location of the site and the symptoms of the machine.

Remote Software Updates

With greater sophistication of functions, the frequency of software updates for controllers and communication terminals is increasing.
By updating remotely, it is no longer necessary to deal with each machine at the site, it is also possible to maintain the latest machine status at all times, and therefore reduce work times and downtimes for both owners and dealers.



*The above content is an example, and the time required will vary depending on the location of the site and the symptoms of the machine.

ConSite Oil

Constant monitoring of 2 oil types

The temperature, kinematic viscosity, density and permittivity of engine oil and hydraulic oil are check used a unique algorithm.
Oil deterioration and foreign matter contamination are diagnosed automatically.

Earlier detection of oil changes

When an abnormality is detected in the oil, an emergency report is sent to both the owner and the dealer via a smartphone app or E-mail.
Smoother repairs with little time loss are possible.

Highly accurate planned maintenance

By continuously monitoring the condition of the oil, it is more possible to grasp the tendency of a machine as well as the timing of each oil change requirement.
More efficient repair planning improves operational efficiency.

ConSite Pocket Alarm Report & Monthly Report

An app that aggregates and notifies you of information from ConSite data reports all delivered on your smartphone.
The checking of regular reports, and emergency reports when an issue occurs, and the operating position of the machine are available.


This is an application that allows you to perform daily inspections of machines and rental warehousing / delivery management all on your smartphone. High-quality inspection reports can be easily created, making it easier to share information.

Hitachi Construction Machinery aims to promote its "Decent Work" concept aligned with the "Decent work and economic growth" - Goal 8 of the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). The "Decent Work" concept refers to working conditions that are rewarding to operators and helps them continue to achieve fulfilling lifestyles. The ZX-7 series improves safety, operability, and comfort, and further contributes to reducing operator work load. With improved work efficiency, Hitachi Construction Machinery also contributes to work style reforms such as shortening working hours and therefore enhancing work-life balance relationships.