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Significantly improved operability, visibility, and safety in the cab.
Experience the many functions that demonstrate
high performance in 360 ° view.

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Loaders, in your hands

In pursuit of ease of use in the field, we have reviewed the detailed design of levers, monitors, switches, seats, mirrors, etc. so that it can be used more comfortably, and improve operability and comfort. In addition, this contributes to a more stress-free work environment by installing a variety of operator support functions that can be used according to the individuality of the operator and the work requirement.

Both high quality and
high-level cost performance
in response to diversifying needs

Customer needs for wheel loaders are increasing annually, and safety, comfort, and operability are diversifying.
In developing the "ZW 7 series," the highest priority was the comfort of the operator.
We also focused on keeping prices down while improving quality, and improve cost performance.

Keigo Kikuchi
Construction Business Unit
Development Div.
Construction Products
Development Dept.



The "Payload Checker" is a function that allows the operator to check the weight of the load in the bucket directly on the monitor inside the cab. In this renewal, we have added a new mode to reflect the needs of the market.You can set and check the target load level, load volume, and cumulative loading levels, etc. from 4 modes according to a wider range of applications. By expanding on the modes, it has become possible to respond to wider variety of operations, further improving usability.


"Approach Speed Control" is a function that reduces pedal operation during loading. When loading, the upper limit of travel speed is automatically restricted. This simplifies the operator's pedal operation, greatly reducing fatigue. In addition, by suppressing excessive acceleration levels, greater fuel efficiency reduction effects can be expected.

In response to Goal 12 "Responsible consumption, production" of the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals), Hitachi Construction Machinery aims to secure more sustainable forms of consumption and production levels. At Hitachi Construction Machinery, we continually work to maintain and improve safety and quality levels, and at the same time extend our product life-cycles in order to minimize any impact on the environment. This was also evident as we pursued vibration resistance and durability in our development of a new anti-vibration rubber to improve cab performance. We continually strive to develop products that are not only focused on functionality but also have a high level of durability and maintainability.