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ZW 7 series

Wheel loader

The "ZW 7 series" wheel loader uses an engine with high environmental performance that complies with the strict emission regulations of EU Stage V. Furthermore, we have placed a lot of focus on operating support by improving the unit's operability.
Safety has been further improved in addition to enhancing the comfort and equipment provided in the cab. The "ZW 7 series" is a next-generation level construction machine that is friendly both on the environment as well as on the people using it.

Looking to the future -
further improving safety and operation

Hitachi Construction Machinery strives to develop construction equipment in order to always be a pioneer in safety and innovation. The video shows the future toward automation without the operator on board and the background of its development, and the developer's story about how Hitachi Construction Machinery will always be the originator in the industry.

Protection with Innovation

By improving the design of the cab, the operator's field of view has been increased. The machine also uses cameras and sensors to provide operators with a variety of information about the unit's surroundings. These improvements make it even safer to work with.

Loaders, in your hands

With improved cab comfort, operators can work with greater ease of operation. The units are equipped with a wider variety of operator support functions designed to match the requirements of a range of sites, further reducing operator fatigue during work.

Always there for you

ConSite Air, which enables remote monitoring and updating, is installed enabling quicker responses and significant reductions in work man-hours. By utilizing IoT technology, we are able to further support more stable and efficient operation.

*Installed functions differ depending on the model.


ZW180-7 / ZW220-7 / ZW310-7

Engine rated power : 129 kW
Operating weight : 14 950 - 15 470 kg
Bucket heaped : 2.6 - 5.2 m³
Engine rated power : 157 kW
Operating weight : 18 190 - 19 450 kg
Bucket heaped : 2.8 - 10.0 m³
Engine rated power : 233 kW
Operating weight : 24 260 - 24 710 kg
Bucket heaped : 4.1 - 4.3 m³