Virtual Interior

Significant improvements in operability, visibility, and safety in the cab.
Use the 360° view to experience the many functions that demonstrate
the high
performance of the unit.

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Feels like tailored

In this development, we aimed to make the cab space a comfortable space for operators.
We have taken safety and comfort into consideration by reducing the diameter of the steering wheel and expanding the field of view by eliminating the column monitor, and improving the visibility by improving the mirror.
In addition, we have improved a range of other areas for a more comfortable working environment, such as synchronizing the movement of the seat and console, and improving the airtightness of the cab.
In addition, attachments can be replaced at the touch of a button in the cab, further reducing the work load and improving safety.

Development of a more comfortable
and safe cab to create
a machine
with less operator work load and
less fatigue

Reducing operator fatigue and ensuring safety are essential areas for improving work efficiency.
The console and seat suspension are integrated in order to develop a more comfortable and safe cab.
A new mechanism has been adopted to adjust the position of the console that increases rigidity.
With this renewal, it is also possible to install a quick coupler.

Tsuyoshi Kakegawa
Senior Engineer
Construction Business Unit
Development Div.
Component Development Dept.

Tuning function

Service personnel to date have made adjustments as to which speed should be prioritized when operating the attachment and arm at the same time.
The new model is equipped with a function in order for the operator to more easily make adjustments on the monitor.
As the speed can be freely adjusted allowing easier use for each operator and their work loads, the range of work that can be handled by one machine is increased, bringing greater work efficiency.

In response to Goal 12 "Responsible consumption, production" of the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals), Hitachi Construction Machinery aims to secure more sustainable forms of consumption and production levels. At Hitachi Construction Machinery, we continually work to maintain and improve safety and quality levels, and at the same time extend our product life-cycles in order to minimize any impact on the environment. This was also evident as we pursued vibration resistance and durability in our development of a new anti-vibration rubber to improve cab performance. We continually strive to develop products that are not only focused on functionality but also have a high level of durability and maintainability.