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Large Hydraulic Excavators / Ultra-large Hydraulic Excavators

Large Hydraulic Excavators / Ultra-large Hydraulic Excavators

Harnessing immense power to help boost productivity at various sites

Utilizing significant power to help customers boost productivity, Hitachi Large Hydraulic Excavators are often used in construction site and features a front section (arm, boom, attachment) that can be exchanged to perform dismantlement, dredging or cargo handling.
Hitachi Ultra-large Hydraulic Excavators satisfy the demands for reliability and durability to offer stable operation in various environments of large open-cast mines around the world.
These products are also equipped on vessels and used to perform dredging, reclamation, marine civil engineering operations.
Since Hitachi Construction Machinery developed hydraulic excavators with an operating weight of 159 to 173t in 1979, it continued to respond to customer demands for even greater size, culminating in the development of the EX3500 Ultra-large Hydraulic Excavators with an operating weight of 328t in 1987.
Today, we offer the EX8000, which boasts an operating weight of 800t, among the highest in the world, and features a bucket capacity of 40m3. The EX8000 is in operation at mines around the world.
With innovations such as the use of short stroke electronic levers, we have also pursued improved operability and interior comfort in an effort to reduce the fatigue on operators at sites operating more than 20 hours a day.



Note: The dealers do not always carry the listed products and specification may vary by region. For product coverage and specification in your region, please check with the dealer nearest you.

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