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Mining 101
Basic Mining Knowledge in Pictures

Rock that has economic value because it contains a concentration of useful minerals is called “ore.” Ore is a precious natural resource that the Earth has produced through volcanic activity and seismic shifts. Areas where ore is found are called “mineral deposits.” The photograph shows iron ore.

What is ore?

Surface Mining In surface mining, ore is mined directly from the ground surface and is thus mostly used when deposits are near the surface. Designing a pit so that it attains more mined ore is a chance for mining engineers to show their skills.

Surface Mining

Underground Mining This method creates a driftway so that ore can be mined from underground deposits. Underground mining is used when deposits are deep underground or when they are of narrow width. Depending on the shape of the deposit and the condition of the bedrock, there are various methods to prevent collapse of bedrock and allow efficient mining while ensuring safety and ventilation.

Underground Mining

Coal is an aggregation of organic substances, consisting primarily of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, and is not classified as ore. It currently provides about 25% of Japan’s primary energy and can be considered a precious natural resource based on its stable supply and economic competitiveness. Source: Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Is corl also ore?