Hitachi Construction Machinery


About us


To pass on a productive environment and prosperous cities to future generations. Hitachi Construction Machinery Group helps to create comfortable living spaces.

In the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, we will play the greatest possible role in building fulfilling land and communities that provide pleasant living spaces. We have established our corporate philosophy, management style and action guidelines with the aim of realizing this goal, and all the personnel in the Group understand and share them at all times while working in the business.


We are active in the evolution of “machinery” and the synergy between “people” and “work” that combines to create rich living spaces, making them more comfortable, highly developed and efficient.


We consistently develop and provide our customers with the technology, products and services that generate new value.


While maintaining profitable operations, we act as a “corporate citizen having good judgment” by staying in harmony with the environment and participating in cultural activities, striving for a symbiotic coexistence with society.

Our Attitude

  • Customer
  • Creation of Technology
  • Respect for Human Life and Dignity
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