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Shiga Prefecture Low-Carbon Society Development Award (Business action plan division) (Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra)

On March 23, 2017, Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd. was awarded the Shiga Prefecture Low-Carbon Society Development Award, in the business action plan division*1, by Shiga Prefecture. The award is in recognition of Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra’s especially outstanding initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which are an exemplary model for other companies. Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra was commended for the following points.


  1. Factory facilities
      Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra installed amorphous transformers, which have considerable energy-saving benefits, as energy consumption in standby mode is roughly one-third to one-sixth less in comparison with conventional silicon steel transformers. Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra also updated its ventilation systems to gas heat pumps, which have little energy waste, and offer higher energy efficiency than electricity.
  2. Manufactured products
      In accordance with Hitachi’s proprietary Design for Environment (DfE) Assessment standards, Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra develop and supply energy-efficient products that have a reduced environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle.
  3. Employee commuting
      • Recognized under the Excellent Eco-Commuting Business Site Certification System for its employee eco-commuting activities


  4. Transporting parts within the factory
      • Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra uses forklifts that run on biodiesel fuel (BDF). To produce this bio-diesel fuel, Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra encouraged its employees and people from the local community to bring in used cooking oil for conversion into biodiesel fuel.



Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra was given an Excellence Award and Honorable Mention in the Hitachi Group Environmental Award Program for its activities. The Shiga Factory has also continued to receive the Hitachi Eco-Factory Select Certification*4.

To commemorate the award from Shiga Prefecture, Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra planted a Japanese cornel tree on the grounds of the Shiga Factory. The Japanese cornel, which blooms yellow flowers in dense clusters, symbolizes sustainability, durability, and robust health. Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra aims to continue to carry out its environmental initiatives, with the hope of achieving a sustainable and healthy society, and that the commemorative tree and environmental activities blossom.

Shiga Prefecture Low-Carbon Society Development Award


Tree-planting to commemorate the award (Japanese cornel)


Hitachi Group Environmental Award



This low-environmental impact compact excavator meets the criteria for Design for Environment (DfE) Assessment

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